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Right To Know Filing: Better Late Than Never


right to know filing lateDid you miss the annual Community Right-to-Know filing deadline? Submitting your filing late is far better than simply ignoring it. Compliance is mandatory and failure to file will eventually catch up with you. Besides, if you get busy right now, you may still be able to meet the extended online filing deadline of April 1.

At this point, the longer you wait the worse it might be. It’s certainly distracting you from the core activities of managing your business, and you can’t afford to let that slide indefinitely.

Get some help to get it done.

Bringing in a professional consultant to help finalize your Right-to-Know filing is a smart, prudent business decision. Your filing might be late, but you’ll know it’s exactly right and entirely complete, so it shouldn’t raise any additional red flags.

There are lots of possible reasons for late filing. Are you stuck on something, not sure how to proceed? The filing instructions are pretty clear but everyone’s situation is a little different and not everyone is technically-oriented. It can be tough and very time-consuming to do all the math and make sure you’re using the formulas correctly. You definitely have other things to do.

Getting help will get you over the filing hump. An outside expert is familiar with the chemicals, the math and the Right-to-Know filing procedures. They can help you:

  • get the work done faster
  • get the work done more accurately
  • get this deadline off your calendar
  • stop worrying about it
  • sleep better
  • get back to focusing on the productive work of managing your business.

Partnering with a professional consultant can establish a solid Right-to-Know filing foundation you won’t have to repeat next year, and they can help train you or your staff on how to prepare filing updates for next time. Or you can enlist their ongoing assistance to be sure your compliance planning and implementation practices are thorough and appropriate for your business, and help you stay on top of any changes to rules or other information.

“Better late than never” is good advice when it comes to your Right-to-Know filing, Hiring a professional consultant can help you get it done as soon as possible with confidence and peace of mind.



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